It all started with some old wood, hand tools and the desired to create something unique so let me tell you something about the wood we used and how it is unique.


woodbarn.jpg All wood used to make our rustic watch boxes is 100% reclaimed, and this look comes from the materials used, namely reclaimed timber pine wood – which is over a century old – and was once the part of a barn, a country cottage, a mill or antique furniture.
 Most of the times, due to the nature of reclaimed wood; not all wood we receive can be used to make our boxes, so we first need to select the best and stronger wood available and then work on it until it reaches the necessary quality; this step normally involves a lot of cutting, planing and sanding and a lot of broken saws!  wood-plank.jpg

 After we have the wood that meets our standards, we dimension all wood into workable pieces and cut every box design one by one, for this we use table saws, band saws, routers and some hand tools.

watch boxesUndyed Batch of of Boxes