Solid Oak Wedding Guestbook

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There’s something magical about wood, Oak wood is a natural material that impresses for its durability and beauty. The pages in your guestbook will become important memories, to ensure durability we work with prime materials: Acid-free archival quality paper, hand-bound to perfection.
Your personalized guest book will be created to last a lifetime.



  • Personalized Printed First Page
  • Personalized monogram on a metal plate
  • Unlimited Monogram and First Page proofs 
  • If you already have your wedding logo, we can use that design and make it a monogram plate.
  • Choose from 6 different paper and 40 different monogram styles
  • Pages: 80 Card stock Pages or 160 Paper Pages. Acid-free paper archival quality
  • Monogram Finish: Your choice of Antique Silver, Antique Gold or Antique Copper



<h3>Pages Options</h3> <p><img src="" alt="" width="1000" height="500" /></p> <p>You can choose your favorite paper, the only difference between the cardstock and paper is the thickness of each page, with card stock by default we include 80 pages, with the paper option you get twice the amount; 160 pages. Choose paper if you need a lot of room for signature and cardstock if you are planning on attaching photos.</p> <h3>Monogram Finishes</h3> <p><img src="" alt="" width="1000" height="336" /></p> <h3>Monogram Catalog</h3> <p>We have 40 preset designs for you, <a href="" target="_blank">click here to explore the catalog.</a></p> <h3>Custom Monogram</h3> <p>If you have your design, please upload it; we will confirm all your order details before proceeding.</p> <h3>Front Page Print</h3> <p>We can print anything you want on the first page at no extra cost.</p> <h3>Blank or Lined Pages</h3> <p>You can choose to have your pages lined or completely blank.</p>

: )

Written by Diana on 2nd Mar 2020

My Fiancee loved it, it was one of the things we agreed on quite quickly to get, it's heavier than I thought, this is a good thing though, it doesn't feel flimsy, love the fact that it's hand-stitched.

So beautiful!!

Written by Lydia on 1st Mar 2020

Just what I was looking for. The monogram looks perfect, good customer service. We will treasure this hand-made beauty. Thanks Deferichs


Written by Jessica on 29th Feb 2020

I can't wait for my guest to sign our beautiful guestbook! Our names look so gorgeous, I roamed everywhere searching for the perfect guestbook, this is it! THANKS


Written by Kelly on 10th Feb 2020

It exceeded my expectations, my fiancé was in awe when he saw it.

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