Original Charging Station

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The perfect companion to your nightstand. It will look great, and you'll have everything organized!

SUPER DEAL: We made a batch of 50 boxes, so the first 50 orders will receive FREE SHIPPING and a special price (normal price $139.00) and the box will ship within seven business days (we still need time to make the personalized plate)
Free shipping applies only to U.S, and International orders will receive a better rate at checkout

About the wood.
We use reclaimed pine wood that is more than 100 years old and has lived a laborious life as a country cottage, barn, mill, or furniture. Every piece of wood is unique and carries a beautifully distressed texture. To accentuate the individuality and character of the wood, we use a deep, sophisticated walnut stain. To perfectly complement the look a customizable monogram plate is included

All bottoms lined with black velvet 
You can fit any cellphone, from the smallest to Galaxy Note and iPhone Plus
Wood Color: Dark Walnut 
Monogram Finish: Your choice of antique gold, antique silver or antique copper. (antique silver is shown)
Measurements: 12.5in x 10in x 5in