Leather Goods

Because we make each product per order it is possible to offer complete options of customizations, this is something big factories can't afford to do, and we love doing it! It's like a bespoke service at just a few clicks away.

What can I customize?

1. Monogram.
The monogram is completely personalized with your own initials, names or maybe a date; below you can see the shapes and styles we can make.


2.Monogram Location

Because each product is different, we always place the plate by default where it blends perfectly with the design, but at your request we can change the monogram location in case you want it to be more discrete. 

3.Monogram Finish and Hardware

At the moment you can select between Brass and Antique Silver (if you choose the plate to be in Brass the hardware of the bag will match the plate, the same applies for Antique Silver finish)


Our Brand and Serial Number

We like to think ourselves as ninjas; silent and not flashy that is why our branding is normally stamped on the inside of all our products, and it's very discrete, no one will see it, only you. We also add a serial number below our logo.