Everyday NightStand

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The perfect companion to your nightstand. It will look great, and you'll have everything organized!

About the wood..
We use reclaimed pine wood that is more than 100 years old and has lived a laborious life as a country cottage, barn, mill, or furniture. Every piece of wood is unique and carries a beautifully distressed texture. To accentuate the individuality and character of the wood, we use a deep, sophisticated walnut stain. To perfectly complement the look a customizable monogram plate is included

All bottoms lined with black velvet 
You can fit any cellphone, from the smallest to Galaxy Note and iPhone Plus
Wood Color: Dark Walnut 
Monogram Finish: Your choice of antique gold, antique silver or antique copper. (antique silver is shown)
Measurements: 12.5in x 11in x 6in