Customize Watch Boxes

You can request a customized box according to your needs and preferences; a wide range of options can be modified. If you have a question, you can reach us in the chat at the bottom right corner of this page, email, or call us at 956 205 0955.

Personalized Monogram Plate.

It is possible to engrave your initials, name, complete name, or even a short quote on the plate. We also offer designs that we can personalize with your information. If you have a special design or logo, send it to; we will convert it to a vector and make the necessary modifications to make it suitable for engraving.


Monogram Finish:

You can choose between Antique Silver or Antique Gold.



Wood Finishes

We offer three finishes. Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, and Onyx Black. Please scroll down to see all the available combinations.

Light Walnut is a warm, medium-brown color. It has a natural and earthy look, similar to the color of the outer shell of a walnut; it has a warm and inviting feel that can range from a light, golden brown to a deeper, reddish-brown hue, and it works well with traditional and modern decor styles. This color is used to add warmth and natural beauty to a space, making it feel cozy and welcoming.

Dark Walnut is a rich, deep brown color that resembles the color of a mature walnut tree's heartwood. It is warm and earthy with subtle hints of red or purple undertones, which can sometimes be more noticeable in certain lighting conditions. This color is darker than light walnut but not entirely black. 

Onyx Black is a deep, rich shade of black that is often associated with luxury, sophistication, and elegance. We achieve this finish by applying five coats of dye and hard wax to give a subtle sheen.
This wood finish can create a bold and dramatic statement or serve as a sleek and modern neutral that complements other colors and textures.


Light Walnut Watch Box with Antique Silver Monogram

Light Walnut Watch Box with Antique Gold Monogram

Dark Walnut Watch Box with Antique Silver Monogram

Dark Walnut Watch Box with Gold Monogram

Black Watch Box with Antique Silver Monogram

Black Watch Box with Antique Gold Monogram

Personalized Engraved Glass

This can be an alternative to an engraved plate, or you can request a design engraved on the glass in addition to an engraved plate. This service is offered free of charge. It is possible to engrave a monogram, a name, a special quote, or a vector design. Very complex graphics require an extra fee.


Lining and Watch Pillows

By default, we line all our boxes with black velvet, which is very soft and smooth, and all our watch boxes include watch pillows made from the same material as the lining.
If you want, you can upgrade to vegan leather pillows, a very high-quality faux leather.


We offer three options to choose from. You can select hardware that better matches your style.

The original Loop Handle complements the rustic look of our boxes, and it's naturally rusted.

Button Style is available in antique brass and nickel.

Inlay Pull is made from solid aluminum giving it a modern look.